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Spring 2020 Student Exhibition Online now at


Summer Session 1 and 2 will have REMOTE COURSES that contain the same content as on-campus offerings. Art, Art History & Design classes will be a combination of recorded (asynchronous) demonstrations, projects, readings and writings; and live (synchronous) mini-lectures, group critiques and demonstrations with regular interaction between professors and peers. Students will use Blackboard with enhanced learning from a variety of other creative, educational and social platforms.

Students will NEED the following technologies:

  • Computer (PC/Mac) with a strong internet connection
  • Camera (mobile/digital) for capturing images of assignments and projects

The mission of the CCRI art department is to provide a strong foundation in the visual arts whereby students learn the concepts, skills, and vocabulary to enable them to create and understand art as a means of visual expression and communication.

Emphasis shall be placed on the appreciation, understanding and practice of art and design including: (a.) the principles and language of art and design; (b.) the overall creative process; (c.) the roles and responsibilities of the artist and designer throughout history within a multi-cultural community and within a global context; and (d.) appropriate traditional skills and advances in technology in art studio, and history courses.