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Joint Admissions Agreement

Transferring to Rhode Island College or University of Rhode Island has never been easier.

Start your bachelor's degree at the Community College of Rhode Island today with one of our many pathways to Rhode Island College or the University of Rhode Island! The first two years of your Bachelor's degree will be completed at the Community College of Rhode Island all while earning your associate degree. Once transferred to Rhode Island College or the University of Rhode Island, Joint Admissions Agreement students receive the following benefits:

  • Up to 30% discounted tuition at RIC or URI depending on your CCRI GPA
  • Waived application fee
  • Conditional acceptance to URI or RIC
  • Personalized advising at CCRI, URI, and RIC
  • More than 80 majors to choose from
  • Transfer seamlessly as a junior in your major

Join JAA Today!

JAA Eligibility requirements are:

  • Less than 30 credits earned
  • Has never attended another college or university

Join JAA Today!

Once you have completed this form you will receive a letter with information about your JAA status.

Congratulations! Earning your Associate degree is a great accomplishment. We look forward to helping you as you continue and earn your Bachelor's degree.

First, complete the Intent to Enroll form for the school you will be attending. This will serve as your application and is free to complete.

URI Intent to Enroll RIC Intent to Enroll

Once you complete this form, you will make your first tuition payment in the form of an "Enrollment Deposit". The deposit is $300 for URI and $200 for RIC. This payment will hold your place at RIC or URI for your upcoming transfer and will also initiate your invitation to the orientation you must attend. You can do this through your eCampus account at URI and your myRIC account at RIC.

Are you a current JAA student and need to make changes to your current JAA major or school, or withdraw from the program? You can do so here:

Change of Status Form

We are happy to have you in the JAA program for RIC or URI transfer. Please refer to the steps below to be a successful JAA student.

  1. Meet with a CCRI advisor every semester!
  2. Register for classes on time.
  3. Attend all classes and complete work on time.
  4. Seek a tutor for additional help.
  5. Reach out to RIC or URI advisors with additional questions regarding your transfer.

If you need to make changes to your current JAA major or school, or need to withdraw from the JAA program, please complete the Change of Status

Transfer Evaluation

Check to see how CCRI courses and programs transfer to RIC and to URI.

Rhode Island College

University of Rhode Island

Inter-institutional Exchange

CCRI, RIC or URI students can take up to seven credits of their full-time courseload at one of the state supported colleges (CCRI, RIC or URI) at no additional tuition above their full-time CCRI tuition.