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Advising & Counseling Services



One Step in Achieving Your Goals

All students enrolled in a degree or certificate program will be assigned an Academic Advisor.  Your Advisor is available to meet with you to provide support on topics like transitioning to CCRI, academic planning, course selection, transferring to a four year college or university, and how to enhance college success skills.  You may meet with your Advisor through On Campus Walk-ins, Virtual Drop-ins, or Booked Appointments through WebEx or on Campus. 

We know accessibility is important to our students, and that is why your assigned Advisor also offers Virtual Drop-in hours.  You will receive the same attention in a Virtual Drop in session as you would in person, but Virtual Drop-in sessions are how we can be most accessible to students across four campuses.  This way, no matter where you are, you can always drop-in to meet with your Advisor during their Virtual Drop-in hours.  

Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to meet virtually with your Academic Advisor for all your course questions!

How do I find out who my advisor is?  To find your Advisor, and to see when and how you can connect, please access your Starfish Account. [Read more about Starfish here]

Don’t have an assigned Advisor yet?  No problem.  While you’re waiting for an Advisor to be assigned to you, please schedule a Virtual Drop-in Session below to meet with an Advisor.

Virtual Drop-in Advising Sessions

All new students not yet assigned an Advisor are encouraged to attend a Virtual Drop-in Advising Session.  In this session you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with an Academic Advisor to discuss your education plans and goals.  

Click a link to register!

Morning Sessions

9am - 11am

Afternoon Sessions

1pm - 3pm 

Evening Sessions

5pm - 7pm 

Friday, September 22 Friday, September 22  
Monday, September 25 Monday, September 25  
    Tuesday, September 26

Prefer to Do It On Your Own

  • Check out our Self-service page (register on your own using our helpful videos)
  • Check out our how-to register for courses video here.
  • Review the courses you need to register for to complete your degree here.

Personal/Mental Health Resources

CCRI has partnered with MySSP (My Student Support Service) to provide 24/7 mental health and well-being support to students, including real-time and scheduled access to professional counselors. All services are confidential and 100% FREE to CCRI students! 

Learn More

In addition to MySSP, the Advising and Counseling Center offers a full range of services for enrolled students including academic advising, personal counseling and mental health resources.

At CCRI, we know that one of the strategies for supporting student success is to provide for the mental health needs of our students. Our Student Development Counselors are trained to provide short-term personal counseling to our students who are registered for the current term, with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards. Student Development Counselors will connect students with community resources if they need support beyond the counseling available to them at the college. In these cases where the college has identified external mental health supports, the college will continue to provide that student with high-quality academic advising for as long as they are students at CCRI.

Services & Resources