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Graphic Design

These courses will deal with the fundamentals of generating two-dimensional design as a specific visual communications tool. The underlying premise of these courses is the making of art and design intended for specific messages. This discipline differs from the limitless boundaries of fine art where the message is made purely as personal expression. In the graphic design industry, the maker is challenged to communicate a specific message to a viewer or multiple viewers (audience).

The study of graphic design will develop necessary skills and experiences with both the making and the reading of visual languages.

Skills alone do not make one a graphic designer. Design is based on communicating a concept or idea to one or many people. A student's skills will develop through their understanding and appreciation of applied concepts and visual relationships. It is the intention of these classes to get students to not only learn the skills and methods of graphic design, but to instill in each student a perspective from which they will see the world around them in a new, more interesting and more intelligent way.

Studio: 6 hours


Graphic Design I ARTS 1710

Graphic Design I ARTS 1710 The objective emphasized during the study of graphic design is to gain a clear understanding of the basic principles of design as applied to visual communication.

Students will pursue a combined exploration of graphic representation and typographic fundamentals with electronic and traditional media, tools, skills, and methodology.

Studio: 6 hours


  • None


Graphic Design II ARTS 1720

Graphic Design IIThis course involves more advanced development of concepts introduced in Graphic Design I. The course explores creative image making using both traditional and electronic means. It also emphasizes and expands a student's typographic development within a variety of visual formats.

Projects provide experience with illustration, elements of book design, product design, logo design, poster design and/or the design of visual systems.

Studio: 6 hours


  • ARTS 1710 or permission of instructor


Current Exhibitions

FAS/CINATION: work form the Fine Art Seminar

  • The show includes a wide range of work; photography, painting, sculpture, and digital art. Artists with work in FAS/CINATION include Cynder Carroll-Coates, Chris Diani, Oliver Mourato, Michelle Peters, Danielle Scaramuzzi, and Thomas Williams. The Fine Art Seminar capstone course is taught by Department Chair and Prof. Mazin Adam.
FAS/CINATION: work form the Fine Art Seminar FAS/CINATION: work form the Fine Art Seminar

Student Exhibition Spring 2021

  • A showcase of the incredible talent and success of our students in their exploration and execution of art. All the featured artwork was made this semester by students enrolled in Art, Art History, and Design courses.
  • image credit: Zairelis Lopez
Student Exhibition Spring 2021 Student Exhibition Spring 2021

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