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The course is recommended for all art majors but can serve as an introductory design course for all students.


Introduction to Sculpture and Form ARTS 1630

Introduction to Sculpture and Form ARTS 1630Contemporary approaches to three-dimensional design using basic materials and techniques. Concept development and structural problem-solving are emphasized.

Studio: 6 hours


  • No pre-requisite required but ARTS 1410 (Three- Dimensional Design) is strongly recommended.


Current Exhibitions

Knight Gallery

Faculty Exhibition

  • Jan. 28 to Feb. 28
  • Reception: 4 to 6 pm. on Wednesday Feb. 5.

Flanagan Gallery

Skyscapes by David K. Anderson

  • Feb. 3 to 28
  • Reception: 5 pm. to 7pm. on Friday, Feb. 7.

Areas of Study