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Printmaking is a great way to learn about the history and language of original prints as a unique art form and as a basis for further artistic exploration in all forms of the graphic arts.


Introduction to Printmaking ARTS 1030

Introduction to Printmaking ARTS 1030Intro to Printmaking is a survey of basic printmaking techniques and materials to create original prints. For centuries artists working in many different media and styles have worked in printmaking as a means to discover new ways to visualize their work.

This course provides the opportunity for students to explore a range of printmaking processes including Relief, Monotype, Intaglio using dry point and mezzotint, and Polymer Plate Lithography. Students will also have a chance to try new materials such as photo-sensitive etching plates that approximate the same effects created in etching and aquatint.

Studio: 6 hours


  • None


Printmaking II ARTS 2360

Printmaking II ARTS 2360In Printmaking II Students create more advanced and individualized projects in a variety of print processes including Relief, Intaglio, Monotype, Plate Lithography, and Photo-sensitive platemaking to obtain linear or tonal techniques. Through the development and completion of individual projects s Printmaking II enables students to create artwork beyond the scope of introductory level work and build a portfolio of printed works.

Studio: 6 hours


  • ARTS 1030


Current Exhibitions

FAS/CINATION: work form the Fine Art Seminar

  • The show includes a wide range of work; photography, painting, sculpture, and digital art. Artists with work in FAS/CINATION include Cynder Carroll-Coates, Chris Diani, Oliver Mourato, Michelle Peters, Danielle Scaramuzzi, and Thomas Williams. The Fine Art Seminar capstone course is taught by Department Chair and Prof. Mazin Adam.
FAS/CINATION: work form the Fine Art Seminar FAS/CINATION: work form the Fine Art Seminar

Student Exhibition Spring 2021

  • A showcase of the incredible talent and success of our students in their exploration and execution of art. All the featured artwork was made this semester by students enrolled in Art, Art History, and Design courses.
  • image credit: Zairelis Lopez
Student Exhibition Spring 2021 Student Exhibition Spring 2021

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