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College Governance

View the current version of the Governance Manual (effective June 1, 2021).

2021-2022 Meeting Schedule

  • Student Advisory Committee will meet Friday, November 19, 12:30-2:00p: Agenda

Non-Senate Governance Committees

Meeting Schedule Meeting Time Committee Chair AY2021-2022
Health and Safety Committee 1st Friday of the Month 11:00a-12:00p Julie Galleshaw
Governance Coordinating Committee 2nd Friday of the Month 12:30-2:00p Leslie Killgore
Student Advisory Committee 3rd Friday of the Month 12:30-2:00p  Joanne Galliano
Institutional Accessibility Committee 3rd Friday of the Month 2:00-3:30p  Tracy Karasinski 
Educational Spaces Committee 4th Friday of the Month 11:00a-12:30p  John Vota
Strategic Budget and Planning Committee 4th Friday of the Month 9:30-11:00a Kristen Albritton
Administrative Technology Committee 4th Monday in Nov, Feb, May 9:00-10:30a Kevin Novell
Strategic Planning Committee     Alix Ogden
Data Governance Committee    

Function of the Governance structure

  1. Action items are submitted to the appropriate committee for review.
  2. The committee meets and votes on proposed action items.
  3. Approved items are forwarded as recommendations to the appropriate Senior Officer for review.
  4. The Senior Officer forwards recommendations to the President's Council for review.
  5. The President reviews submitted items and makes a final decision on implementation.
  6. All approved items will be posted on the Governance Website.