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Drawing is considered the core skill foundation for all art and design. The study of drawing develops individual coordination between the hand, the eye, and the brain. A well articulated study of drawing creates for the student an essential visual vocabulary for the making of art as well as individual development of skills necessary for the generation of artistic expression. For many working artists, drawing is a lifetime study.


Drawing 1 ARTS 1010 

Drawing1Drawing 1 is a studio course which presents a strong introduction to basic drawing concepts. It is designed for both experienced art students who want to develop portfolios for transfer and for non-art majors who have little or no previous experience in art and want to develop aesthetic understanding and drawing skills.


  • None


Drawing 2 ARTS 1050 

Drawing2Drawing II is a studio/workshop course which advances the student's understanding of drawing and design elements by observation of the human form. Models will pose for the class. Gesture, proportion, mass, balance and environmental relationships will be explored. Some study of human anatomy will be required.


  • ARTS 1010 Drawing 1


Drawing 3 ARTS 2050

Drawing 3Drawing III is a continuation of Drawing II. The student will complete more complex studies of the human figure using design elements such as line and form. Some use of color and more complex composition will be explored. The student will continue anatomical studies and maintain a sketchbook.

Drawing II & III meet concurrently to allow participation in both groups. Visits to galleries and museums will be encouraged.


  • ARTS 1010 Drawing 1
  • ARTS 1050 Drawing 2


Current Exhibitions

Student Exhibition Spring 2022

  • A showcase of the incredible talent, determination and creativity of our students. All the featured artwork was made this semester by students as coursework in the Art, Art History, and Design Department.
  • image credit: Francy Hinds
Student Exhibition Spring 2022 Student Exhibition Spring 2022

Student Exhibition Fall 2021

  • Browse the exhibition at the link below to see drawings, paintings, photography, digital art, graphic design and more. We applaud our students, and invite you to explore the exhibition!
  • image credit: 'Look With Your Eyes Not Your Mouth' by Faith Lapierre
Student Exhibition Fall 2021 Student Exhibition Fall 2021

Areas of Study