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New Student Orientation

A day-long event held at all four CCRI campuses​​ that helps you connect with faculty/staff​ andother students at CCRI. This event provides awareness of CCRI's resources and offices​​, campus tours and ​can be a lot of fun to kick start your school pride!​

Dates Location Time
June 28th Providence Campus 9am-4pm
July 27th Newport Campus 9am-1pm
August 16th Lincoln Campus 9am-4pm
August 23rd Warwick Campus 9am-4pm

Join us for:

  • Sessions on: Blackboard, Pathways, Financial Aid/Bursar, Campus Safety & Student Handbook
  • Learning about campus resources
  • Meeting with an academic advisor​
  • Lunch with faculty and students in your major
  • Photos with our mascot​
  • Making new friends​
  • Having fun and more!


Virtual Orientation Option:

Helpful Tips Video: