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Heidi J. Jensen

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Heidi Jensen’s practice is based in drawing and expands into soft sculpture, printmaking and puppetry. Her work explores narrative form, our relationship to the biological world, and the gaps between categories of the animate and inanimate. Originally from the Midwest, Heidi has taught in art departments in South Carolina and Indiana, and is now teaching at CCRI. As an instructor, she appreciates working with students as they find their way through the backwards, forwards and sideways process of making creative work, and as they identify their interests and integrate these into art and design. Heidi likes to travel and to make work about what she finds in new locations, and is a fellow of many residency programs including the Monson Arts Residency in Maine, the Vashon Arts Residency in Washington, and the Millay Colony in New York.  


MFA in Studio Art, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

BFA in Drawing and Painting, University of Minnesota at Duluth