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Student Groups

Being actively involved in activities and student groups outside of the classroom is crucial aspect of the college experience. Extracurricular involvement allows students to become more engaged with their field of study, immersed in a student group that stimulates the development of career aspirations, provides them the opportunity to learn more about other cultures, or simply develop an interest that could become a lifetime hobby.

To start a new student group or re-activate an inactive group, please complete the New Student Group or Reactivate Inactive Group Procedures Form and submit to [email protected]

Student Groups & Honor Societies

The objective of the Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society shall be to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing. The society shall encourage the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility. Additionally, the society shall participate in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing.

The Bible Study meets once or twice a week to study the Bible together, both the Old and New Testaments, and to support and encourage each other in our faith. The student club welcomes all interested people to come and be part of the club. We read with a view to the meaning and personal application of what the text says. Bibles are provided by the student club or you may bring your own. Study is followed by a time of prayer for those who desire it. For current meeting room and times, check posters or contact the student group advisor/s.


The Chamber Ensemble is CCRI’s band/orchestra performing group. We meet twice a week to practice for performances during the semester. The student group presents a formal public concert twice a year, in December and April/May, and frequently performs for other college functions. All band/orchestra instrumentalists and pianists who read music are invited to participate. Chamber Ensemble is a good way to keep up or improve your skills on your instrument and to enjoy the benefits of playing in an ensemble. A steady commitment is required. For current meeting room and times, contact the student group advisor.

For those who enjoy part-singing in a small group, this is an interesting close-knit ensemble student group. Also a one-credit music course, the Chamber Singers ensemble offers an opportunity to explore anything from Acapella Renaissance music to 20th century styles. Performances include fall concerts on campus and in the community, and an annual spring concert. Auditions for placement within the group are held at the first two rehearsals each semester. For current meeting room and times, contact the student group advisor.

A marvelous opportunity for those who enjoy singing and having fun while learning vocal technique by rehearsing varied and interesting styles of choral music. Chorus generally performs one larger masterpiece in conjunction with Chamber Singers and instrumentalists. A one-credit course.  An audition for placement for each section (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) is held during the first meeting of each semester. For current meeting room and times, contact the student group advisor.

  • Collegiate DECA membership is an essential resource for the future marketing, management, finance and entrepreneurial professionals. Collegiate DECA is a national organization for college students preparing for careers in all areas of business, including marketing, management, finance and entrepreneurship. Its local chapters and state/provincial associations are a division of National DECA, Inc. Collegiate DECA is currently active throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Activities promoted by Collegiate DECA integrate with and enhance the student's college curriculum. In addition, the organization's close ties with the business community provide both opportunities for members and an appreciation of the free enterprise system.
  • Students develop a plan of work that includes attending leadership conferences, fundraising, community service and preparing for competitive events at both the regional and national level.
    This organization combines educational and social skills into a dynamic program for all Business students.

The Objectives of Collegiate DECA are to:

  • nurture competent, entrepreneurial, self-reliant, cooperative leadership in the fields of marketing, management, finance and entrepreneurship.
  • help students make informed career choices
  • foster high ethical standards in business
  • encourage business activity that demonstrates civic, social and moral responsibility
  • network with potential employers through National Advisory Board (NAB) companies. Meet over 2500 other Collegiate DECA Members throughout the world at Regional and National Conferences.

The purpose of Cybersecurity is to provide both social and educational enrichment in the Cybersecurity field. This student group is designed to bring students together for networking opportunities through participating in cybersecurity-related activities including competitions, outreach to potential CCRI students, and hands-on experience through the use of cyber-range. For current meeting room and times, contact the student group advisor/s.
The CCRI Cybersecurity Club is also a member of the National Cybersecurity Student Association.

The purpose of this organization is to enhance the professional development of student dental assistants. Student group activities are designed to help students better understand of the role of the professional dental assistant in the oral health community and to encourage participation in community service projects such as CCRI Community Service Day and Rhode Island Mission of Mercy and to provide a supportive social network for students in the Dental Assisting Program. Students are encouraged to become involved in Rhode Island Dental Assistant Association activities and may attend continuing education events at no cost. All student members must be enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program and be a current member of the Student American Dental Assistants Association.

The purpose of the organization is to enable students to keep abreast of the current trends and issues in the profession of Dental Hygiene. Attendance and participation in meetings and affiliation with the Rhode Island Dental Hygienists' Association is encouraged. Membership to, the student chapter of, the American Dental Hygienists' Association is mandatory. Student members participate in variety of community service projects throughout the year, which heightens community awareness of oral health. These include, but are not limited to, presentations on oral health to diverse groups, collecting aluminum tabs to be donated to Shriner's Children's Hospital, participation in the annual fund-raising Imagine Walk for Autism , and volunteering for various other community outreach projects.

The Emergency Management and Homeland Security prides itself in being an example of safety and preparedness in the CCRI community. We seek to enhance students future careers in Emergency Management through extra activities and guest speakers related to the field, expanding their knowledge base and experience. We hope and work towards a better, safer, more prepared tomorrow with the goal of protecting life and property.

Engineering is made up of students majoring in engineering and engineering technology. The purpose of the student group is to better prepare students for what lies ahead after graduation and to enhance their knowledge in all fields of engineering. In addition to students exchanging and sharing knowledge of classes, careers, jobs, etc. during meetings, the club also hosts guest speakers and sponsors field trips as well. The Engineering student group also holds an annual cookout/picnic each year during the summer, and ski trip during the winter break. This student group is open to all engineering and engineering technology students. This student group also welcomes students majoring in arts, general business, and management.

The purpose of Kappa Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business pursuing associate degrees; and, to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

The International Club has four major goals: First; to promote the culture and heritage of each individual member; second, to facilitate the sharing of different cultural points of view and to encourage the acceptance of different opinions; third, to foster an eagerness to serve our community and fourth; to promote socio-cultural interaction and an understanding of globalization through travel opportunities. For current meeting room and times, contact the student group advisor.

The purpose of the Italian student group is to encourage the study of the Italian language and culture and to enhance CCRI academic core curriculum through a variety of programs and activities.

The purpose of this student group is to aid the student in gaining knowledge of all aspects of the field of Clinical Laboratory Science. Discussion will include new developments in the field. Students will have the opportunity to explore and become familiar with the type of training and skills needed in the MLT field, as well as become familiar with the professional associations (NCA, ASCP, ASCLS). Students will have the opportunity to attend regional and local conferences. Involvement in the student group will provide academic and moral support for all members.

The mission of the Mudslingers is to promote the appreciation of the Ceramic & Fine Arts on campus and within the community. The main goal of this student group is to enhance cultural awareness of the student body, faculty, and staff about the richness in Fine Arts. Educating the public’s taste through museum tours, guest artist, field trips, films, sales and various other projects. The Mudslingers promotes a supportive and diverse environment that allows artist to grow critically and intellectually.

The Nonviolence club's mission is to educate students on the history, philosophy, and principals of nonviolence; also to teach conflict resolution skills & techniques with hopes to promote nonviolence both on campus and in the community.

The purpose of the OTA Program is twofold:

  1. To enhance the professional development of occupational therapy assistant students by broadening their education, both as individuals and as a group.
  2. To promote professional unity between this organization, the Rhode Island Occupational Therapy Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association.

The Opera student group is for those who wish to perform, promotes and supports education and appreciation of the operatic art, as artists and as audience members, and to promote public awareness of the relevance and value of the operatic art for all individuals and the community.

Founded in 1918, Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for two-year colleges throughout the United States and abroad, whose mission is to recognize the most academically successful students at these institutions. To be eligible for membership in Pi Omicron, the Community College of Rhode Island chapter, students must have a 3.75 GPA or above, with a minimum of 21 and no more than 60 credits earned at the College, be matriculating in a degree or certificate program, and be of good character. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is regarded as a high honor and is noted on student's transcript. For more detailed information on the benefits and opportunities offered to eligible students, please visit the society’s international website at

The Psychology student group's mission is to promote interest in the field of psychology and to provide students with opportunities to hear speakers, take field trips, attend conferences, perform community service, and participate in informal social activities. Topics of interest have included: hypnotherapy, dream interpretation, cognitive neuroscience, behavior modification, attention deficit disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Other areas of possible interest include, stress management, forensic psychology, addiction, sexual orientation, violence and terrorism, and careers in psychology. Each semester, the officers in consultation with advisors, determine meeting times and schedule of events. Members are also invited to provide input. All Psychology majors are encouraged to become members, but any student interested in the field of psychology and/or the helping professions is welcome.

The purpose of the Radiography program is to promote public awareness of radiography and radiation and to provide activities for both freshmen and senior students enrolled in the Radiography Program. Fundraisers are planned annually for the Radiography scholarship as well as affiliations with local charitable organizations. This program invites guest speakers to campus for seminars and workshops.

Vin Diesel once said, “Roleplaying is the training ground for imagination!” Here at the Role Players’ Guild, we take that quote to heart. Our mission at CCRI is to open views and minds of gamers and non-gamers to the diversity of the gaming world. We encourage the expansion of imagination and most importantly we want people to have a fun time, while feeling safe along with having a sense of community.

The mission of the Sonography program is to promote public awareness of Sonography and the role it plays in Diagnostic Imaging of health-related issues. The organization also works to enhance the development of freshman and senior students as healthcare professionals. Annual fundraisers are planned to support the Sonography Award. This organization invites guest speakers to the campus for seminars and workshops. 

The Student Ambassador Program is an honorary group of students who will represent the college at special events on campus and in the community. They seek to enhance prospective students’ knowledge about the various student support services and programs offered at the college. Students will demonstrate leadership potential, communication skills and high academic standards.

The purpose of this organization is to enhance the development of student nurses and professionals. Student group activities are designed to foster nursing students; understanding of the role of the nurse in today's health care system, to encourage participation in community service projects and to provide a supportive social network for students in the Nursing Program. SNO's goal is to promote professional and social unity among the members of this organization, the Student Nurses' Association of Rhode Island (SNARI), and the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). All students in the CCRI Nursing program are members of the CCRI Student Nurses' Organization and are eligible for membership in SNARI and the NSNA.

Advisors: Kristine Ferro & Maria Pezzillo

The purpose of this organization is to enhance the development of Physical Therapy Assistant students as professional persons by broadening their education as individuals and as members of a group. The Student Physical Therapist Club promotes professional and social unity in this organization and the student assembly of the RI Chapter of the A.P.T.A.

The purpose of the Student Veterans will be to provide a network of support for military veterans, their families and supporters. Secondly, our purpose is to educate the college community about the experiences of military veterans and work with the college administration to meet the needs of student veterans and prospective student veterans.

The CCRI Players produce and present four major productions each academic year. Plays are chosen to expose students to a variety of dramatic styles and periods. Fully mounted productions, open to the public, are staged at both the Warwick and Providence Campuses. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in all areas of theater production, under the supervision of the theater faculty and staff. All students, full or part-time, are eligible to participate in CCRI Players’ productions, regardless of their course of study. The players also produce a two-production summer repertory theatre, participation in which is open to the community.


The purpose of this organization is to enhance the development of massage therapy students as professionals by broadening their education as individuals and as members of a group. The goal of Therapeutic Massage is to promote professional unity between this organization, the Rhode Island Massage Therapy Association and the American Massage Therapy Association.