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Program & Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the A.F.A. degree with either a Music or Jazz concentration, program participants will be able to exhibit the accomplishment of the following:
  1. Perform with fourth semester collegiate ability on a principal instrument or voice, demonstrating readiness for a transfer audition at the end of the fourth semester.
  2. Exhibit ensemble skills of score reading, counting, listening, following a director, and collaborating with other players.
  3. Exhibit analytical melodic and harmonic skills including 13th chords, foreign modulations, 12-tone series (Music only) and basic forms (Music and Jazz concentrations).
  4. Exhibit computer capability in skill-building, notation, and other music software programs. Be able to conduct discerning Internet searches and research on music topics.
  5. Mastery of basic piano skills required for proficiency exams after transfer.
  6. All students will show mastery of rhythms and meters.
  7. Have a cohesive overview and understanding of the history of Western classical music from the Middle Ages through the contemporary period or the same for the History of Jazz plus Western classical music after 1750 for Jazz concentration.
  8. Mastery of basic skills in music composition.

Credit Hour Policy for Applied Lessons & Ensembles

For each credit hour of applied music, students are expected to practice outside of class at least 3 hours to meet the minimum standard for applied juries.

Ensembles are considered by the College in the same category as field/clinical courses in Policy 3.2.1. They bear 1 credit for 120-180 minutes per week of rehearsal time.

Course Outcomes

The following are representative syllabi with detailed course outcomes for all music courses in the CCRI Department of Performing Arts. Click on the link of the desired course to view the document and outcomes.