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Accessibility Workshop

We are Offering an Accessibility Workshop for Everyone!

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At CCRI we are committed to providing an inclusive community that is accessible to all. As a faculty, staff or administrator, it is your responsibility to ensure that all persons have equal access to your digital course content, marketing, brochures, forms, auxiliary materials, handouts or websites in a timely manner. By following WCAG guidelines you are increasing success in all student and employee demographics.

Please join us for a hands-on webinar where we explore 5 basic guidelines to creating accessible documents using Microsoft Word. What you learn can be applied to MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Omni Campus, Blackboard and many other software apps.

  • Headings
  • Images and alt-text
  • Tables
  • Fonts and hyperlinks
  • Color and contrast

These workshops will also help instructors working on OSCQR Level 2.

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Accessibility Resources

Digital documentation and websites must be accessible to all users within a reasonable time frame.

Qualified individuals with disabilities must be afforded the opportunity to acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same benefits and services within the same time frame as a person without a disability, with substantially equivalent or alternative ease of use.

The U.S Access Board made a recent final ruling using the American Disabilities Act, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Section 255 of the Communication Act to update the accessibility requirements for Information and Communication Technology. Digital content needs to meet accessibility guidelines. You can read more here at the Digital Accessibility, the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Education.