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Roundtable Discussions: AI in the Classroom

Roundtable Discussions: AI in the ClassroomRoundtable Discussions: AI in the Classroom

by Kristina Wendricks, Online Learning and Technology

Colleges and universities across the country are embracing Artificial Intelligence or AI. Arizona State University just announced a new partnership with OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT). ASU will begin to offer an unlimited version of ChatGPT Enterprise to its community on an ASU-only server. This means that they will be using an enterprise-only (college-only) solution to ensure that nothing users type into the program will leave the ASU community. This is done to protect privacy of data, but also will allow ASU to test the waters with the OpenAI product within a safe environment.  

If you are still grappling with understanding what AI tools can do and how they have already altered Higher Education landscape, then join us at CCRI for a series of virtual roundtable discussions. The series will help demystify AI and provide practical strategies for integrating AI tools into your courses. If you are not ready for using AI tools in your classroom yet, we will also be discussing how to leverage more authentic assessment design to “AI-proof” your course assignments and building AI literacy with your students.  

Each of the roundtable sessions will focus on one of the following topics, but we expect a fluid discussion. Register for Zoom sessions here 

Roundtable Discussions Schedule

Roundtable 1: AI Expectations & How to Get Started with AI

Tuesday 2/13 12:00-12:45  

This roundtable is geared towards faculty across disciplines who have heard about AI but don't know where to begin. We will share some practical ways of getting started with AI tools and setting up expectations in course syllabi.

Roundtable 2: AI-Proofing Assignments and Authentic Assessment Design

Tuesday 3/19 1:00-1:45 

This roundtable will focus on brainstorming the initial ideas for how to augment your assignments to bring more authenticity and AI-proof assignment if you are not yet ready to fully integrate AI use.  

Roundtable 3: Integrating AI into Assignment Design

Wednesday 3/27 12:00-12:45 

This roundtable will focus on sharing ideas for AI tools integration into course and assignment design including considerations for AI literacy.   

Other Professional Development

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