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Electrical Apprenticeship

A Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (RIDLT) approved electrical apprenticeship program is Sponsor driven. 

A RIDLT approved electrical apprenticeship program is comprised of three components, Sponsor, Related Instruction Provider, and Apprentice. 

Sponsor: An electrical company (employer) registered with RIDLT that assumes full responsibility for administration and operation of the approved apprenticeship program.  The Sponsor provides the on-the-job-learning required hours.   

Related Instruction Provider: An organization that provides related instruction hours designed to provide the apprentice with knowledge of the theoretical and technical subjects related to the electrical occupation.  

Apprentice: An individual employed by the Sponsor who has signed an apprenticeship agreement with their Sponsor. The signed apprenticeship agreement must be registered with RIDLT.  The apprentice and Sponsor work together to ensure all RIDLT requirements are met in order to sit for the electrical licensure exam. 

As the designated Related Instructor Provider, the Community College of Rhode Island will provide the required minimum 144 related instruction hours per enrolled year.


When pursuing your journeyperson license in Rhode Island, you must be a registered apprentice with RIDLT and employed by a sponsor at the start of your first year in the apprenticeship program (and in each additional year) to receive CCRI course credit.

Proof of apprenticeship is required and can be uploaded at time of registration. 

For out-of-state participants, please check your state rules for licensure.

Approved RIDLT Electrical Apprenticeship Program Requirements

The total requirement is 4 years @ 144 hours per year of related instruction and 4 years @ 2,000 hours per year of on-the-job-learning to run concurrently each year. These hours must be completed while employed by a Sponsor and registered as an apprentice with RIDLT.  

RIDLT Registered Apprentice  Related Instruction  OJL 
YEAR 1 Minimum of 144 hours 2000
YEAR 2 Minimum of 144 hours 2000
YEAR 3 Minimum of 144 hours 2000
YEAR4 Minimum of 144 hours 2000
TOTAL REQUIREMENTS 576 hours 8000 hours

An apprentice cannot sit for the electrical licensure exam until all RIDLT Electrical Apprenticeship program requirements are completed.  

CCRI Related Instruction 

The CCRI related instruction component is a hybrid model that requires a minimum of 144 time-based hours per year along with reading assignments and competency-based assessments to demonstrate apprentice comprehension. 

The related instruction is currently being offered online via Zoom, unless otherwise stated. 

Registration Information

  1. All classes are being held online, unless otherwise stated. Online registration is paid by credit card ONLY and *full payment is required at time of registration
  2. Registration for the Electrical Apprenticeship program is a two-part process:
    • Register on CCRI’s website, proof of apprenticeship is required and can be uploaded at time of registration.
    • In order to have access to the online e-book and course, you will need to register at the NCCERconnect site. Instructions to do this will be given to you at time of textbook pick up, within 2-3 weeks before your class start date.  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REGISTER AT NCCERconnect UNTIL INSTRUCTIONS ARE PROVIDED BY CCRI. 
  3. New students are required to Register for Year One, unless they have been approved for **Advanced Placement. If you are a returning student, you may register for the next year class, providing you had completed at least 141 hours in your previous year. If you did not complete at least 141 hours, you must re-register for the year you did not complete.
  4. Read the complete areas of study for each program year. 
  5. To complete CCRI registration for Electrical Years 1 - 4, select 'To Register and View Upcoming Classes' below.

Registration for Fall 2024 classes should be open in July. 

To Register and View Upcoming Classes

 *EasyPay is not available for this online program. Payment must be made in full at time of registration.

 **ADVANCED PLACEMENT - Before registering for a class, students who are new to CCRI’s Electrical Program and/or have completed hours elsewhere should email Donna Costa [email protected] (please use email header: Advanced Placement Request), see Advanced Placement instructions.

Duplicate/Replacement Certificates: To request a duplicate certificate of completion, please complete our online registration form here. There is a $10 charge for a duplicate certificate.




$1,220 - $1,380  
Includes $10 non-refundable registration fee

Includes: textbook, NCCERConnect e-book access, (and 2023 Code Book for Level 1 students only; Yrs 2, 3 & 4 are responsible to purchase 2023 Code Hardcover Handbook, separately. ISBN is 978-1-45592-907-7) 


Time Commitment

 150 hours per year, 75 hours per semester.






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