Driver Retraining

Driver retraining courses are court-imposed alcohol education, alcohol treatment, and defensive driving programs. 

These courses are sanctioned by the court and all registration fees must be paid at the DMV in CranstonOnce you have paid the fee, you will be registered for the program and will receive your paperwork in the mail within two to six weeks.

For detailed information, please review the Driver Retraining FAQ

Courses include:

Alcohol Program/DUI/Refusal Program: a 12-18 hour program that costs $350. You will receive a one-hour counseling assessment assignment, after that is completed you will be given your class schedule for the 12-hour First Offender Program or 18-hour Multiple Offender/Out-of-State Offender Program.

Defensive Driving/DRIVE Attitudes: a one-time four-hour program that costs $165. Course can be sanctioned by the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal, District Court, Family Court, any municipal court, or for motorists who receive moving violations in another state and are sanctioned by a court to take this program.

Colin Foote: a 60-hour program that costs $850. Anyone convicted of four separate moving violations within an 18 month period shall be sanctioned to 60 hours of education and additional community service, and this course takes 10 Saturday sessions to complete. 

TREDS (Teen Re-Education for Exceeding Driving Speed): a six-hour course that costs $95. This is for first-time speeding offenders that are on a Graduated Driver's License (GDL) or the first year of their driver's license. Classes are held on a Saturday once every three months. 

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