CLEP/DSST Testing For Military Members

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is an opportunity for students to earn college credit in subjects with which they are already familiar by taking a single test. Generally, these tests mimic a final exam a student may take in a college-level class. CLEP testing is an especially good opportunity for military members when subjects have already been covered in military training.

              CLEP/DSST Sign-Up Instructions

At CCRI, CLEP testing is offered in 33 subjects. See the link below for a complete list of these tests:

               CLEP Tests Available At CCRI

Currently, CCRI receives funding from the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) program. For the military member, this means that all fees for CLEP testing are waived. The individual only needs to show his/her non-expired military ID card for this benefit.

In addition, CCRI offers DSST testing. The DANTES Subject Standardized Tests are similar to CLEP and are accepted for college credit at many schools across the country. While CLEP and DSST service the same purpose, the DSST Public Speaking subject test is offered at CCRI while its CLEP counterpart is not. For military members, the $30 administrative fee is waived. The student is still subject to the $80 test fee. This policy should change by the end of the Fall '15 semester, when CCRI may offer the online versions of the DSST tests.

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