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Academic Leadership with Student Veterans and Military Dependents

"The Nation that makes a great distinction between its Warriors and its Scholars will have its Thinking done by Cowards and its Fighting done by Fools"

This ancient quote serves to remind all people of the Warrior-Scholar ethos. Societies must recognize that great thinkers need the courage to think boldly. In addition, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, are not just followers of orders. They can plan and execute complex operations while having the initiative and flexibility of thought to be adaptive problem solvers. 

At CCRI we encourage our student veterans and military dependents to demonstrate their leadership experience and diversity of thought in classroom discussions and academic achievement. Success in higher education is more than studying for exams and completing assignments. Engagement is the number one factor for success in college. We want our student veterans to be recognized for their intellectual curiosity and academic leadership. Involvement with student government, student-led organizations, and our Academic Honor Societies demonstrates the Warrior-Scholar ethos and continued commitment to excellence every service member embodies. 

Apply today to demonstrate your Academic Leadership!

The opportunities listed above enable student veterans to leverage their military discipline to academic leadership. These organizations afford more networking opportunities, which enable student veterans to find employment quickly in their field of study. Many of these Honor Societies have scholarships increasing funding to their members. Membership to an Honor Society makes you more competitive when applying to four-year schools as well. 

Commencement Awards

When you have completed your degree at CCRI we want to recognize your scholarly success. In uniform, you wore your achievements proudly. The same goes for graduation regalia; stoles and cords display the hard work you continuously give towards your education. 

  • Veteran Cord - Red, white, and blue cord given to all graduating student veterans.
  • Honors Graduate
    • Completed four Honors Projects
  • Commencement Awards
    • Highest Honors - 3.75+ cumulative GPA
    • High Honors - 3.50-3.74 cumulative GPA
    • Honors - 3.25-3.49 cumulative GPA
  • Stoles - Each Honor Society has their own unique stole which may be worn by eligible inductees at Commencement.