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Essential Organizations to Know as a Student Veteran

Community and Engagement are Essential to the Transition from Military to Civilian Life.

Join SVA

Here is a list of positive organizations that will benefit any veteran entering back into civilian life. It is by no means an exhaustive list but does include some of the most influential and results-based organizations that can impact your experience in higher education.

Veterans are not a monolith. We all come from diverse backgrounds and interests before the military. We share a unique and life changing experience while in uniform. Eventually, we need to hang up the uniform, but we don't need to loose that sense of belonging or purpose. While you determine your direction and purpose after the military there are many valuable, empowering, and fun organizations that you can participate in. Your level of commitment is entirely up to you. You can be a member in name only, show up once a month for a meeting, or you can be a leader and help other veterans successfully navigate their transition.

Student Veterans of America - Apply

Warrior Scholar Project - Apply

The Washington Center, Veteran Employment Trajectory Initiative - Apply

Tillman Scholar - Apply

The Mission Continues, Providence 1st Service PLT

Team Red, White, and Blue, Rhode Island

Team Rubicon, Region 1

American Corporate Partners - Apply

FourBlock - Apply