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Military Credit Awards

CCRI will award college credit for your military training if you are enrolled in a CCRI program and if the learning is applicable to your degree plan.

If you would like your military training to be evaluated for Credit for Prior Learning, first review the Military Credit Award - Important Information/FAQ then follow the steps below.

Please note: If you are new to CCRI or have not attended CCRI in two or more years, you must first submit a new CCRI application.

If you plan to switch your CCRI program, you will need to do so before submitting your JST.


For Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps official military transcripts:
1. Register for an account using the Joint Services Transcript (JST) portal.
2. Send your JST to CCRI using the portal. Your JST will be in que with other student JSTs to be processed. The Prior Learning Coordinator will then review the transcript for a possible credit award. On average, JSTs are processed within 1-3 weeks of receipt. 
             Military training from the JST is typically awarded as general elective credit. You will be eligible                 for a credit award for your JST if:
                  a) Your program of study at CCRI requires general elective credit For example, as                             required in the AA in General Studies program.
                 b) Your military training is directly applicable to your program of study and
                      is approved for specific credit by the appropriate department chair. For example,                          you were trained for IT and your CCRI program is related to IT. Note: The Prior                              Learning Coordinator will arrange this evaluation for you.
3. If your military training is applicable to your CCRI program of study, the Prior Learning Coordinator will send you a Credit Award Form for your e-signature via Adobe. Students requesting credit for military training and experience should consult with Advising and Counseling and/or the Veterans Services Office before signing the Credit Award Form to ensure understanding of how VA education benefits may be impacted. 
4. Sign and submit the Credit Award Form.


Community College of the Air Force official transcripts can be sent to:
CCRI Records Department – Flanagan Campus
1762 Louisquisset Pike
Lincoln, RI 02865
Official e-transcripts can be sent to: [email protected].
Please contact CCRI Records at the above email address for questions related to CCAF transcripts and CCAF transfer credit.

Students may be eligible for additional Credit for Prior Learning pathways outside of their military training and are encouraged to explore information and resources listed on the main Credit for Prior Learning webpage.