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Standardized Credit Awards

The following training experiences have been reviewed and standardized credit awards have been determined. If you have completed any of the following training programs you may be eligible for similar awards depending on your degree plans.

Apprenticeship Programs
Position/Program Credits
Operating Engineer 3-16 Credits
Electrician 1 -6 Credits
Tool Making / Machine Processes 1-16 Credits
Carpenter Joiner 1-16 Credits
Pipefitter / Steamfitter 1-16 Credits
Moldmaking 1-16 Credits
Plastics 1-16 Credits
Position/Program Credits
Aviation Certification 1-16 Credits
Aviation Electronic Technician 1-16 Credits
Basic Aviation Training 1-16 Credits
Basic Helicopter Maintenance 1-16 Credits
Banking and Financial
Position/Program Credits
CFP Foundations of Financial
1-16 Credits
Commercial Lending 1-16 Credits
Consumer Credit 1-16 Credits
Principles of Banking 1-16 Credits
Criminal Justice & Paralegal
Position/Program Credits
Municipal Police Training Academy
(LAWS 1000, LAWS 1020, LAWS 1030 and LEAP XXXX)
10 Credits
RI State Marshal Training
(LAWS 1000 and LAWS 1020)
6 Credits
Any police officer in Rhode Island who has served as a
full-time police officer for more than three years will
be granted credit for LAWS 1000
3 Credits
Department of Defense
Position/Program Credits
Defense Contract Law 1-16 Credits
Defense Small Purchases 1-16 Credits
DOD Construction Drafting 1-16 Credits
Position/Program Credits
Electricity/Electronics 1-16 Credits
Electronics Technology 1-16 Credits
Position/Program Credits
AAI Insurance Instruction 1-16 Credits
AICPCU General Insurance 1-16 Credits
AICPCU Insurance Quality 1-16 Credits
AICPCU Property Insurance
1-16 Credits
Position/Program Credits
Career Development Program 1-16 Credits
CCF Development / Management
Training Program
1-16 Credits
In-Service Training Incentives 1-16 Credits
Steward Training 1-16 Credits
Supervisory Development Training 1-16 Credits
Worker's Compensation 1-16 Credits
XACG Supervisor Training 1-16 Credits
Operations Management
Position/Program Credits
Quality Engineer, Certified 3-16 Credits
Quality Technician, Certified 1-16 Credits
Leadership 3 Credits
Marketing Techniques 1-16 Credits
Marketing Field Experience 1-16 Credits
National Association of Purchasing
1-16 Credits
Operations Management 1-16 Credits
Production Management 1-16 Credits
Purchasing / Materials Management 1-16 Credits
Quality Control Technician 3-16 Credits
Quality Control Management 1-16 Credits
Stationary Engineer 1-16 Credits
Real Estate
Position/Program Credits
Graduate Realtor Institute I 3 Credits
Graduate Realtor Institute II 3 Credits
Graduate Realtor Institute III 3 Credits
Real Estate Appraisal I-V 6 Credits
Travel & Tourism
Position/Program Credits
Food Service & Lodging 1-16 Credits
Introduction to Travel & Tourism 1-16 Credits
Travel Industry Business Management 1-16 Credits
Travel Industry Marketing 1-16 Credits
Travel Industry Sales 1-16 Credits
Wastewater Management
Position/Program Credits
Wastewater Technician, Intermediate 1 Credits
Principles & Practices of
Wastewater Management
1 Credits

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Last Updated: 1/9/17