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Library Liaisons



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Department Librarian Campus Email Phone
Art James Austin Flanagan [email protected] 333-7076
Allied Health        
Biology John Collins Knight [email protected] 825-2203
Business Administration Laura Ryan Liston [email protected] 455-6105
Chemistry Jim Salisbury Knight [email protected] 825-2213
Computer Studies Lisa Penta Knight [email protected] 825-1141
Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Jillian Lang Knight [email protected] 825-2489
Dental Health        
Engineering & Tech        
Fire Science Melanie Soter Liston [email protected] 455-6085
Foreign Languages & Cultures Katie Holcomb Knight [email protected] 825-2491
Human Services Melanie Soter Liston [email protected] 455-6085
Mathematics Jim Salisbury Knight [email protected] 825-2213
Performing Arts        
Physics James Austin Flanagan [email protected] 333-7076
Psychology Katie Holcomb Knight [email protected] 825-2491
Rehabilitative Health        
Social Sciences Kathy Blessing Flanagan [email protected] 333-7061

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