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Library courses

STUDENTS: Do you want to create successfully researched papers?

Improve your library and Web research skills by taking LRCT 1010 (1 credit) or LRCT 1015 (3 credits)

  • Learn how to find the books you need
  • Learn how to find scholarly/peer-reviewed articles
  • Learn how to find reliable websites
  • Learn about the ethical use of information
  • Learn how to create a bibliography in MLA or APA format

Researching a topic and writing a paper can be daunting, but these classes will make the process a little easier.

Find LRCT 1010 and/or LRCT 1015 listed in Available Courses under "LRCT: Library."

LRCT 1010 (1 credit)

LRCT 1010, Introduction to College Research , is a one credit course introducing students to online strategies for locating and evaluating:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Web resources

Students will also learn to cite their sources according to standard scholarly formats (e.g., MLA, APA).

LRCT 1015 (3 credits)

LRCT 1015, College Research , expands on the information offered in LRCT 1010.

Students will learn information literacy skills such as:

  • Advanced search techniques
  • Evaluation of resources
  • Understand ethical issues associated with research and information sources

The skills learned can be easily applied to course work as well as personal and professional research projects.

Both courses are transferable to RIC and URI, as electives.

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