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How do I Link to Databases?

You can place a link from your Faculty website, Blackboard course, or MyCCRI Course Home page to the CCRI Library Home page. Or, you may want to link directly to a subscription database.

If you link directly, copy the database Web address that allows off campus as well as on campus users into the database. This is an address that validates users by first going to EZproxy. You will see the EZproxy prefix before the URL.

For example, the Web address to use to link to JSTOR is:

When you click on this link from on campus, you will enter the database directly.

From off campus, you will be prompted for your CCRI user name and password.

Database Help

Contact the Reference Department if you need further assistance.

Linking to an Article from a Subscription Database

You can place links from your website or course pages to articles in many of our databases.

Like linking to databases, you'll want to make sure that the Web address includes the EZproxy prefix so students can view the articles off as well as on campus.

Look for a Permalink, Record URL, or similar option in the database to grab a permanent link that will work consistently.


If you have a copy of an article that is not available online, but want to make it available for your students, place the article on electronic reserve. Contact the Circulation Desk for more information.

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