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Second Chance

All Second Chance packets can be emailed to [email protected] or brought to the Advising Center on the Warwick Campus

Program Definition:

Second Chance is a program designed to provide students with past due financial obligations a second chance to obtain a certificate or degree with the Community College of Rhode Island. Students who are granted Second Chance will have their outstanding balance deferred until graduation from CCRI at which time a “CCRI Completers Scholarship” resulting in a waiver of 100% of tuition and fees of the past due balance will be awarded provided students meet the program criteria and conditions. Please note, Bookstore obligations and/or Financial Aid obligations are not included in Second Chance. Additionally, students are responsible for the tuition and fees for the semester(s) for which they return to class.

Program Criteria:
  • Student has not been enrolled at CCRI for at least four (4) years, and
  • Student is currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program (cannot be unclassified/undecided), and
  • Student has applied for financial aid (regardless of eligibility).

Students who can document a mitigating circumstance are strongly encouraged to file a Tuition Appeal before applying for Second Chance.

Program Conditions:
  • The student must meet graduation requirements for their program of study within five (5) years from the time in which they were approved for Second Chance
    • Students who do not complete 100 percent of their degree requirements within five (5) years from the date they were awarded Second Chance will lose the deferment eligibility, and their outstanding balance will become due immediately.
  • Students who withdraw from classes during the published refund policy will have any refunds applied as a credit to their next semesters bill. Students who do not re-enroll during the five year period will have the credit applied to the original past balance due.
  • Students can only be approved for Second Chance one time in their academic career.
  • Students will be notified by email of their acceptance to the Second Chance program.
  • Acceptance into the Second Chance program does not guarantee Financial Aid eligibility. Students may also need to file a Financial Aid Appeal
  1. Complete the Second Chance packet 
  2. Have the Bursars Office complete Section I on Page 2. 
  3. If your GPA is below a 2.0, include a copy of your education plan prepared by a Student Success Coach.  See for the Advising Center schedule.
  4. Include a copy of the email confirmation from FAFSA showing you applied for financial aid.
  5. Create or update your MyCCRI account and be sure you are enrolled in a degree or certificate program.
  6. For assistance logging in to your MyCCRI Account, please visit: 

Submit your completed Second Chance packet to [email protected] or to the Advising Center on the Warwick Campus