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Academic Appeals Committee

The Academic Appeals Committee is chaired by the Dean of Health and Rehabilitative Sciences, Suzanne Carr, Ph.D., RN.

The purpose of the committee is to consider requests for course substitutions from students majoring in General Studies or Liberal Arts. Also, the Committee administers the "Forgiveness Policy" and other program and grade-related requests that are beyond the purview of any academic department.

The Academic Appeals Committee will only consider requests that have been reviewed and signed by an advisor/counselor. Forms are available from the Advising and Counseling Office at any campus and are accepted throughout the academic year. The committee meets once a month and students will receive a written response within a one to two-week period after the committee makes their final decision.

For tuition refund/waivers, please visit the Office of Student Services for the complete appeals process.

All materials should be submitted to the Dean's office by the last Thursday of every month.

With the exception of CCRI students, students seeking transfer credits from other colleges must submit a transcript in a sealed envelope with the school seal on the back. Official copies of transcripts (excluding the Community College of Rhode Island) must be submitted with the Academic Appeals form if the request concerns transfer credit.