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Knowing yourself means assessing your values, exploring your interests and personality preferences and evaluating your skills. Your personal attributes are central to making a satisfying major and career choice.

Self-assessment is a fundamental step when deciding on a "best-fit" career or major. The time and effort you invest in this process will greatly increase the likelihood that the choice you make is the one best suited for you.

This site includes a number of assessments and exercises to help you identify your personal values, interests, personality and skills to help you understand yourself better.

We offer two online career assessments that will give you immediate results that are linked to CCRI majors and pathways called My Majors and Typefocus7. For new students, we suggest starting with My Majors. If you are a returning student or are looking for a more comprehensive assessment, we suggest Typefocus7. These two assessments do not require professional interpretation from a career advisor, but know you can always make an appointment if you would like assistance navigating your results.

Online Resources

Self-assessment has 4 components: Values, Interests, Personality Style and Skills.

Work values can be what's important to you in a career: salary, location, opportunity for growth, travel, creativity, working independently or on a team are just some examples.  

Interests can be divided into working with Things, Data, People or Ideas. Personality Style is about how you make decisions, take in information, where you gain your energy from and how you live your life.  

Skills are those you feel you are good at now and the skills you think you'd like to attain in the future. 

This short 6-minute video explains this and gives a brief overview of our services at CCRI Career Services. 

Online Career Assessments
  • MyMajors
    • My Majors results show your Top 10 Majors and CCRI Pathways you may be interested in based on your responses. Results are also coordinated with the JAA and Transfer programs at URI and RIC. Users also receive an Advisement Report that summarizes answers and provides some Next Steps to follow.
    • Please view this helpful 4 minute video on how to use MyMajors
  • TypeFocus (Access code: Knights)
    • TypeFocus 7 is a self-paced, online career-guidance tool that can help you assess your interests and explore careers. The assessments will identify your natural strengths and preferences to help you learn more about yourself to make well-informed career decisions. You can come in and out of the program as often as you want, so please consider it a lifelong resource that starts with your first decision about selecting a major and continues well past graduation. The CCRI Access code is Knights.
    • Please view this helpful 4 minute video on how to use TypeFocus
Additional Self-Assessment Exercises

These exercises can provide you with more information regarding your values, how to articulate your skill sets and your work style.

When you have completed the self-assessments, proceed to Research and Resources to learn more about those careers and majors that interest you.