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About Cooperative Work Experience Seminar at CCRI

Introduction to Cooperative Work Experience Seminar

The seminar is designed to help students gain valuable experience in their field, develop contacts, build a stronger resume, and confirm career choice. The program combines approximately 15 hours of weekly workplace experience to prepare students before graduation to be ready for the working world.

The seminar is an online course. To enroll - go to Course Search, then chose the term you are enrolling in from the drop down menu and click submit. Next chose LIBA: Liberal Arts from the subject listing, and select Distance Learning as the campus and click submit.

Students need to contact Career Services to see if they are qualified. For acceptance into the program, there is a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5, have passed College Writing or English Composition I and a required number of credits depending on your course of study. The office offers resume and interviewing workshops, job listings and other additional resources.

Some FAQs:

What is Cooperative Work Experience?

  • 4 credit course offering students the opportunity to gain workplace experience related to a student's program of study.
  • Offered each semester as Cooperative Work Experience Seminar I or II (LIBA 1010 or LIBA 1020).
  • A student typically works 195 hours in a supervised work experience while participating in an online seminar.
  • A student can earn academic credit for working part-time or full-time in a job related to their field of study.
  • Students can use their current position if it is related to their academic program, or students can contact the Career Services office for assistance in finding a placement.

Why Take Cooperative Work Experience Seminar?

  • Students can make an appointment by calling the Career Services office at 401-825-2322 or emailing [email protected]
  • Review the course requirements with Career Services staff member. Generally most programs require a minimum of 24 credits before the seminar can be done. The Liberal Arts Program and some other programs may vary so consult a Career Placement Officer.
  • Students can review with a Career Services staff member to see if their current job would be suitable for an approved placement. Other students can contact Career Services to find a position which meets their learning objectives.
  • To register, click here: Cooperative Work Experience Seminar, then chose the term you are enrolling in from the drop down menu and click submit. From the Subject listing choose LIBA:Liberal Arts, and for the course number select LIBA - 1010: Cooperative Work Experience I, and then click submit.

Where are students being placed?

  • Depending on their field of study, students work in a variety of private, public and non-profit agencies.
  • Students in numerous companies throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts

Can I use my current job for Cooperative Work Experience Seminar?

  • Students may seek approval to use their present job if it is related to their program of study. Please contact Career Services to see if your current job qualifies.