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Internship Application

All students in good academic standing are encouraged to intern approximately 15 hours per week to gain work experience, to network in their professional field, to improve their resume, and to potentially earn elective credit. Before applying to CCRI's Career Services internship program, students must meet certain qualification.

These include:

  • A 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA
  • 24 college credits or approval of the Assistant Director
  • An interview with a Career Services staff member
  • A resume approved by the Career Services team
  • A level of maturity demonstrated by responsible behavior at CCRI
  • The intention to grow on both an academic and professional level

Recommended Application Deadlines:

  • For a fall internship: August 15th
  • For a spring internship: December 15th
  • For a summer internship: April 15th
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