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Research / Resources

Researching career options to learn how they fit with your unique self-assessment preferences is an important step. There are many ways to explore careers including enrolling in courses, using career research websites, conducting informational interviews, attending career fairs and workshops, joining student clubs, and participating in hands-on learning such as internships, volunteering and part-time employment. Becoming knowledgeable about your career options will help you confidently evaluate and narrow down your choices.

When conducting your career research, consider the following:

  • What careers does a particular major prepare me for?
  • What are the educational requirements?
  • What is the typical entry-level salary?
  • What are the skill sets needed and do I think I can learn these skills?
  • What is the job growth projection for this career?

Below are some resources to help you get started. Please schedule an appointment with a Career Services staff member if you want additional information on specific careers, internships, or employment.

Suggested Websites

Look-up companies and their websites on Google and follow them on social media including: Facebook and Twitter