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Resume Tips is a great tool for anyone looking to create or improve a resume. Whether you need to make a resume for the first time or want to revise the resume you have, this site is easy-to-use and you can download your completed resume directly from the site. Detailed instructions are provided below or included on this Tip Sheet. Tips:

1.Please type in the following URL in your web browser:

2. Next, the main website will appear. Enter your First Name, Last Name and Email Address under the GET STARTED BUILDING YOUR RESUME section.

3. The page titled, How would you like to get started? will appear and there will be 3 options to select from. 1. Upload and Edit my Resume, 2. Create a New Resume and 3. Edit a Sample Resume.

4. If you already have a resume, click on the option Upload and Edit my Resume. Click Upload Resume. Your resume information automatically filters into the template. Next, review and edit accordingly then, preview to ensure everything looks correct. Once all information is confirmed skip to step 6.

5. If you do not have a resume, select the option to Create a New Resume. We recommend choosing the option at the top right-hand side of the page to Skip and build your resume without help. On the left-hand side of the page there will be an EDITOR tab open that will allow you to toggle and type in the following information listed below to begin building your resume.

a. Contact Details:

b. Summary: (helpful tips)

c. Education:

d. Employment History:

e. Professional Skills:

f. Languages:

6. After entering required information, review all information to ensure it is correct and click Done on the right.

7. Review your resume and click the blue SHARE icon. The Step 1: First - Customize your resume URL address option will appear.

  • On the SHARE page, opt to copy/preview your resume URL or share your resume via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Select the icon to email the RESUME ATTACHMENT and always save as a WORD DOCUMENT (docx). Once complete, please email the link or send the attachment to a member of the Career Services Team as referenced below:

Warwick & Newport - David LePage,
Lincoln & Providence - Tifany Sanders,

8. A Career Services Team Member will contact you after your resume is received to arrange for a resume review session.

Please note: After you have followed all the steps above be sure to check the email used on the account. You will receive a confirmation of your user ID and password to log back into RESUME.COM/CCRI for future use.