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Applying For VA Education Benefits

Applying For VA Education Benefits – Community College of Rhode Island (

Applying For VA Education Benefits

Apply for VA Education benefits by filling out VA Form 22-1990. The form can be filled out online at:

Note: When filling out your paperwork, it is important to know which chapter you will be utilizing. If you are unsure, see this page or visit one of our Veteran offices to have your questions answered.

The average turnaround time for paperwork at the VA Education Buffalo office is between two and three weeks. Once everything is processed, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).  Please bring a copy to the school upon receipt.  

The next step the veteran is to complete the CCRI Student Veteran’s Certification Worksheet.  The form will be submitted EACH semester. You can find it here:

VA benefits will not be paid until this form is filled out, submitted, and the Certifying Official confirms your enrollment status.

For veterans utilizing Chapter 33 (Post 9-11), once the VA gets your certification information, they will send your tuition and fee payment to the school directly. Keep in mind that this amount is based on the percentage for which you are rated on your COE. In other words, if you are rated at 80%, the VA will pay 80% of your tuition and fees.

Note: For veterans utilizing Chapters 30 or 1606, your tuition and fees will NOT be paid for by the VA. You are responsible for these charges.

You can apply for and use Financial Aid / Pell Grant funding in combination with your VA Benefits and any other waivers you may be eligible to use.

When utilizing Chapter 33, the student is also eligible for a book stipend that will vary based on their current course load. The book stipend is based on your number of credits and your percentage of entitlement.

When utilizing Chapter 31, the student should contact their Voc Rehab counselor and have them submit a form 1905 to the bookstore.  The VRE program pays for all books and supplies, directly to the bookstore.

All educational benefits through the VA provide a monthly stipend which varies in value based on the benefit used and the training status each semester. These payments are sent after the concluded month (i.e. payment for September would be processed around October 1st). The monthly payments are also pro-rated if the school was not in session for the entire month.