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Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Missions and Outcomes

Advanced Manufacturing and Design degree

Manufacturing and Design certificate

Advanced Manufacturing and 3D Prototyping certificate

Advanced Manufacturing and Design


Modern advanced manufacturing has been revolutionized by the use of computers for design, machining and automation.

Today the design of almost all products and components is accomplished with the use computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. The manufacturing process utilizes computer to control all aspects of subtractive and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is at the heart of advanced manufacturing and the production of complex components accurately and efficiently. Advanced manufacturing also uses computers to control the supply of materials, the inspection and distribution of finished products.

This program has been designed to provide the student with extensive hands-on laboratory experience. The degree can be approached from two possible certificates or directly as a degree path.


Students will be able to…

  1. Effectively communicate in technical and non-technical environments.
  2. Function effectively as a member or leader in a technical team.
  3. Interpret and create mechanical blueprints to industry standards and utilize Machinery's handbook.
  4. Operate, setup, and program manual and CNC machines to print specifications. 
  5. Utilize CAD/CAM in applications of engineering graphics and mechanical design. 
  6. Apply subtractive and additive (3D-printing) manufacturing for rapid prototyping.
  7. Code PLCs and micro controllers for networking and system control applications. 

Manufacturing and Design


Students will be able to…

  1. Ability to quantitatively analyze technical problems, and produce a solutions.
  2. Ability to visualize three dimensional objects.
  3. Ability to model three dimensional objects
  4. Ability to read blueprints and understand dimensioning
  5. Ability to interpret mechanical dimensioning and tolerances
  6. Understand the basics of manufacturing.
  7. Skill to machine basic parts from various materials
  8. Ability select proper tools, speeds and feeds for shaping materials
  9. Ability to apply "G" and "M" coding to CNC programming
  10. Ability to perform precision mechanical measurements

Advanced Manufacturing and 3D Prototyping


Students will be able to…

  1. Ability to quantitatively analyze technical problems, and produce a solutions.
  2. Ability to program PLC devices
  3. Ability to construct a logical flow process
  4. Ability to utilize Master Cam for CNC programming
  5. Ability to plan and execute CNC projects
  6. Ability to translate Solidworks and Mastercam files to 3D printing
  7. Ability to plan and execute a rapid prototype project
  8. Ability to apply CNC skills to an internship experience
  9. Ability to troubleshoot a manufacturing process
  10. Ability to produce a complete internship report