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 Want to learn Manufacturing and Design?

CNCEarn a certificate from CCRI that will teach you the basics of modern manufacturing. This program builds the basic skills and knowledge for employment opportunities in theCNC manufacturing environment. The certificate covers areas of science and mathematics as they apply to machining practices and CNC programming. Emphasis is placed on both theoretical and practical phases of the design, cost and production of machine parts. Learn More about Manufacturing and Design

Want to learn Advanced Manufacturing and 3-D Prototyping?

3-D printingThis program builds on the basic skills and knowledge developed in the Manufacturing and Design certificate (ETCI). The certificate will increase CNC programming skills and introduce the concepts of rapid prototyping, digital direct manufacturing and the use of 3D-laser scanning and 3D-printing. The courses will make extensive use of 3D-modeling with SolidWorks, tool control with G and M codes and MasterCam. Learn More about Advanced Manufacturing and 3-D Prototyping

Want a job in the Energy Utility field?

Energy Utility fieldEarn a certificate from CCRI that provides students with a core set of skills and competencies required by the energy industry. Hands-on training is provided through an eight or nine-week off premises practicum as well as field trips where students apply theoretical classroom knowledge in a real-world environment. Learn More about Energy Utility Technology