Frequently Asked Questions about Student Life

What is the Office of Student Life?

Because CCRI has 4 main campuses, CCRI has two Associate Deans and their support staff to assist students and provide resources for Student Life! For your campuses' office and contacts, please visit the about us page.

Is there a Student Government?

The Student Government Association is CCRI's official student voice. The campus governments consists of legislative and executive branches. Student Government receives its funding from student activities fees that is managed and redistributed to student clubs and organizations. For your campuses' Student Governments' Office and contacts, please visit the Student Government main page.

Who do I see if I have a suggestion or complaint about an issue on campus?;

Your campus Student Government Association handles student suggestions and complaints. Expressing your opinion will many times lead to improvements in various services on campus. You can stop by the Office of Student Life and leave a written suggestion. Students are encouraged to attend open meetings of Student Government. (Student Government does not get involved in formal grievances or complaints involving academic or student code of conduct issues or violations. Contact the Dean of Students)

What kinds of clubs and organizations are available for me to get involved in?

CCRI offers more than 80 clubs and organizations each year that span a wide range of categories including academic, media and publications, religious, cultural, special interest, the arts, and community service. Browse our clubs/organizations pages to find clubs and organizations and who to contact for more information.

Who is eligible to be a member of a club or organization at CCRI?

Current CCRI Students are eligible for club/organization membership. Review the Student Group Recognition Manual as they may have specific requirements for membership.

Can I travel with any club or organization at CCRI?

Current CCRI students are eligible for traveling with any club/organization. Club/Organization affiliation proof may be asked for upon seeking approval from the Office of Student Life for the trip.

"I really want to join a club or organization on campus, but I don't know which one... Who do I ask?"

Your campus Student Government would be happy to meet with you to discuss some opportunities to get involved in.

For CCRI Club and Organization Leaders and Advisors:

As a club/organization advisor, do I have any specific responsibilities I should be aware of?

All Club/Organization advisors are required to attend a mandatory training at the beginning of each academic year. During the training, your responsibilities and any new policies will be explained to you.

As a club/organization officer, do I have any specific responsibilities I should be aware of?

As a club/organization officer your priority should be focused on the fulfillment of your clubs/organizations mission as well as the colleges mission. Your club/organization constitution outlines your responsibilities specific to your role in the club/organization. Your responsibility to the college is outlined in CCRI's Policies and Procedures for Student Clubs/Organizations. For more specifics, please contact your campus Office of Student Life.

When are agency account payment orders due?

Payment orders must be delivered to the locations below before 1:00pm every Wednesday. Payment orders received after Wednesday at 1:00pm will not be processed until the week after.

Submit Paperwork To:
Warwick Campus Lincoln Campus Providence Campus Newport Campus
Room # 1234 Room # 1312 Room # 2228 Room # 1234
Warwick office
Where can I pick up a deposit slip or a payment order form?

You can pick up most forms and documents at one of the offices listed below.

Office of Student Life Locations
Warwick Campus Lincoln Campus Providence Campus Newport Campus
Room # 1234 Room # 1312 Room # 2228 Room # 1234
Warwick Office
What taxable items are acceptable for reimbursement?

While most items are tax exempt, please be advised that the following taxes are acceptable for reimbursement:

  • Tax associated with a hotel room
  • Tax associated with out-of-state tax for a rental car
  • Tax associated with food from a restaurant
How do I fill out a payment order?

Go to our forms section of our website to see an example and tutorial to filling out a payment order.

How do I fill out a deposit slip?

Go to our forms section of our website to see an example and tutorial for filling out a deposit slip.

Which account code do I use for my payment?
Type Account Code
Advertising 714080
All Other Services/Personnel 615090
Clothing and Materials 714090
Copy Machine Chargebacks 714070
Dues and Subscriptions 714040
Educ & Rec Equipment 714241
Educ & Rec Supplies 714221
Food 714292
Fundraising Expenses 714296
Household, Laundry & Cleaning Supplies 714110
In State Travel 714290
Medical Services 615010
Medicine and Drugs 714160
Miscellaneous Operations 714284
Office Expenses 714030
Out of State Travel 716000
Postage 714010
Printing and Binding 714060
Type Account Code
Fundraising Deposits 582000
All Other Deposits 581000

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