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Being actively involved in activities and organizations outside of the classroom is crucial aspect of the college experience. Extracurricular involvement allows students to become more engaged with their field of study, immersed in an organization that stimulates the development of career aspirations, provides them the opportunity to learn more about other cultures, or simply develop an interest that could become a lifetime hobby.

This is where you, the student leader, come in. You may have had a strong desire to be an officer of your club/organization or you may have been thrown into the position and reluctantly accepted because no one else would step up. No worries! The Office of Student Life has created resources for you to guarantee that you will be able to run an effective and sustainable club or organization.

For Club/Organization Advisers

Thank you for serving as an adviser to a recognized student club/organization! Your commitment and dedication to student success is a contributing factor to the growth and sustainability of our community. Student clubs/organizations continue to be one of the focal points of our student life and provide excellent co-curricular opportunities for our students. Advising a student organization is a rewarding experience that offers wonderful insight into our CCRI student population.

To assist you in your advising role, we have created a few items to provide you with resources and pertinent information for student club/organization's success.

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