Event Planning Forms

To register your event, click on "Event Registration Form" in the left-hand column under "Forms". Please submit form no later than two weeks prior to your event to allow processing.

Planning Process Form for club/organization events

How to submit news on the College Events Calendar:

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How to Book a room or space on campus:

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In order to get the space you want in time for administrative processing and advertising purposes, request a space or put in a work order three to four weeks in advance of the date of your event. Some spaces, (theaters, lecture halls, etc.) are in high demand and are often booked a semester in advance.

How to request maintenance work and event set up:

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How to register, login and track Work Order Requests (Password-protected - CCRI employee username & password required.)

Please Note: ONLY Advisers, not students, have permission to complete this form. If you plan on scheduling an event, you must contact your adviser in advance to process this request.

Media Services - Equipment Request Form


New Club/Organization or Re-Activating Club Procedures:


Travel and Waivers:

Purchases, Deposits, and Transfers:

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