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For New Students

Welcome to CCRI! First things first, visit the How to Apply page on the admissions site to learn everything you'll need about becoming an enrolled new first time, returning, transfer, non-degree, current high school, or international student at CCRI.

Next you will want to schedule an appointment to take your ACCUPLACER assessment in order to be placed in the best possible classes.  Although there is no grade on the ACCUPLACER, and it does not affect your acceptance, your score determines which math and English classes you need to take so doing well can save you time and money.  Or, if you have completed the SAT's within the last three (3) years, log into your College Board account and request a copy of your scores be sent to CCRI for evaluation.

Once your placements are recorded, you are ready to register for classes!  Sign up for a Virtual Drop-in Advising Session where you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with an Academic Advisor to go over your placement scores, transfer plans, and goals, and receive course recommendations based on that information. 

Finally, attend New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation helps you get prepared for your first year at CCRI. This online module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. It focuses on areas and services of the college that are important to your success at CCRI. Get ready to learn about:

  • Transitioning Into College
  • Using Blackboard And Other Technology
  • Understanding Your Bill & Financial Aid
  • How To Register For Classes
  • Where To Ask For Help

Click HERE to get started!

We are thrilled you have chosen CCRI to continue your education, we look forward to your success! 

New Student Resources