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Outside Scholarship Opportunities

CCRI receives scholarship applications throughout the year. In an effort to provide updates on scholarships to our students, a list of scholarship opportunities is listed below. Applicants are encouraged to read the applications/requirements carefully and to adhere to established deadlines.

"Knowledge for College" Scholarship

About the Scholarship

To help Rhode Island Students cover tuition, reduce the need for college borrowing, and increase their knowledge of financial topics related to student lending, RISLA's Knowledge for College Scholarship provided a chance for entrants to win scholarship funds while in their senior year of high school or any year of college.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Students must be a Rhode Island resident high school senior, Rhode Island resident attending college in or out of state, or an out of state resident attending college or graduate school in the state of Rhode Island
  • Student must register and submit answers to three financial literacy questions
  • Students are encouraged to enter once per month, increasing their chances to win in the future, but may only win once per school year
  • RISLA employees and their family members are not eligible for the scholarship
Winner Selection
  • Four winners will be randomly selected on the first business day of the month. Each winner will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship to be applied to the college of their choice. Additional bonus random selections held in May for students who entered every month. Eligible will receive a $2,000 scholarship co-payable to the enrolled school of choice. Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entrants.
How to Enter
  • Student may enter RISLA's Knowledge fo College Scholarship drawing once per month by completing the registration and financial literacy quiz, located here. The financial literacy topics and questions will change on the 1st of each month allowing student to increase their chances to win and demonstrate their knowledge.

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program provides financial support to students enrolled in nursing degree programs in exchange for a commitment to serve in high-need areas across the country. This year, Nurse Corps has additional funding for awards. Are you pursuing an NP degree in psychiatric mental health? An APRN or RN degree in women’s health or certified nurse midwifery? Or are you a CNA, home health aide, medical assistant, or LPN working towards your RN degree? You may be eligible for an award. Scholarship support includes tuition, fees, other reasonable educational costs, and a monthly living stipend.

Rhode Island Latino Dollars for Scholars

Michael P. Metcalf Memorial Fund and Christine T. Grinavic Adventurer’s Fund

Catherine T. Murray Memorial Scholarship

Fast Web Scholarship Search

College Sports Scholarships

College Board Scholarship Search

Disclaimer: The Community College of Rhode Island does not administer or award the scholarships listed above. This information is posted as a resource for our students. As a reminder, we encourage our students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their federal or state aid eligibility. Information about the application procedure can be located on our Financial Aid webpage.