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Certificate in Mathematics I

Students can earn a certificate in Mathematics by completing 23 credits in Mathematics. Students earning a certificate in Mathematics are encouraged to explore other electives in mathematics to broaden their abilities and credentials. 

This certificate is recommended for students who have an interest in eventually going into STEM fields such as Physics, Computer Science or Engineering, or students pursuing a career where mathematical thinking and abilities are essential.

Certificate in Mathematics I

Students earn at least 23 credits in Mathematics.  All of the mathematics courses appearing in the list below must be completed in order for a student to earn a certificate.  If a student takes a placement test and tests out of a class on the list or has taken a class on the list at an accredited institution, then the department chair or program director may award credit (toward the certificate) for that class. Note:  There are no waivers for Math 1139. All students must take Math 1139.

Course Number


Credit Count

MATH 1139

Math for Liberal Arts


MATH 1200

College Algebra


MATH 1240

Statistical Analysis


MATH 2110

College Trigonometry


MATH 2111



MATH 2141 or

MATH 2131

Calculus I or

Applied Calculus

4 or




Total = 23

Pathway to Certificate: Credit Count 23 Credits


Course 1

Course 2


MATH 1200 (4)

MATH 1139 (3)


MATH 2110 (4)

MATH 1240 (4)

Summer Session I

MATH 2111 (4)


Summer Session II

MATH 2141 (4) or

MATH 2131 (4)


Certificate Total:  23 Credits with Math 2141 OR with Math 2131

 Math 2141 is required for students who wish to take more classes beyond Calculus and/or earn a certificate in Advanced Undergraduate Mathematics (Future Certificate)