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Software Support

Application Name Description Primary IT Contact
Accuplacer Assessment testing, math/reading (web based and hosted externally) Bortie Teh
Argos Reporting Tool Rob Christina
Banner  Internet Native Banner (INB)-web forms based access to Banner Student, Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources Afnan Akhter
Self Service Banner (SSB) - services accessed through MyCCRI under the For Students, For Faculty tabs for grading, registration, etc.
Also, public access to Course Schedule and admissions application
Afnan Akhter
Banner Xtender Solutions
Archives digital document images Eric Gojcz
Blackboard Banner Integration Bortie Teh
ColdFusion ( Web application development tool Bortie Teh
CWCE Online Non-Credit Registration Bortie Teh
DegreeWorks Web-based degree audit Bortie Teh

Formats payroll checks, student billing and purchase orders, Argos reports
Eric Gojcz
Luminus/MyCCRI Bortie Teh
Luminus Applications Bortie Teh
Non Credit Registration CWCE courses Bortie Teh
ODS Operational Data Store Afnan Akhter
Online Evaluation   Bortie Teh
OPC State DW Extracts for Office of Postsecondary Ed. - Data Warehouse Mike Cherry
Oracle Databases & SQL Server Database Management System used by applications like Banner, Luminus, Blackboard, etc Afnan Akhter
Rave Banner Integration Bortie Teh
Resource 25 Room and Event scheduling system Bortie Teh
Travel & Expense    
Touchnet Web credit card payments Bortie Teh
UC4 App Mgr (AppWorx) Production scheduling tool used with Banner Mike Daley
Workflow Banner Workflow Rob Christina