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Banner Student and Financial Aid System

The Banner Student and Financial Aid System is an integrated system that supports the majority of the college's student related data needs. It contains the following components

  • The Admissions module which includes prospect, applicant, and decision processing.
  • The Student Records module which includes course offering maintenance, registration, grading and transcripts.
  • The financial aid module which Includes application, award, and disbursement processing to meet the requirements of federal regulations.
  • The Billing and Receivables module which includes student billing and payment processing.
  • The CAPP Degree Audit module which includes degree program management, what-if scenarios and audit processing.

The primary users of the Banner Student system are staff members in the core departments utilizing the main modules such as Enrollment Services, Center for Workforce & Community Education, and the Bursar's Office. Other student service departments, like Advising and Counseling, heavily utilize the system as well as academic departments for course management and advising. New users in these offices needing access to Banner Student should complete a Request Banner Student Access

Web access to the system is provided to students through the "For Students" tab in MyCCRI, where they can view and manage their own information and perform functions like drop/add and pay their bill. Faculty also have web access to Banner Student under the "For Faculty" tab in MyCCRI, where they can view or download their class list and post mid-term and final grades.