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Rules and Procedures

Priority of Use

Computing facilities at CCRI are available to all currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. Students who have class-related assignments will be given first priority to use the computers in the labs.

The lab is an open lab, with the hours of operation posted in several locations and the web. Students can use the lab whenever it is convenient to them, but during heavy usage periods a 60-minute time limit will be imposed and a waiting list established. Students that are asked to finish up after their time is complete should do so immediately.

Holidays and Break Schedules

During holidays and breaks, normal schedules change. Please check the Computer Lab Holidays page for holiday and break schedules.

Downloading Software

Installation of software by students is not permitted in the labs.

Saving and Backing Up Data Files

  • Students are required to provide their own USB devices saving their data files. It is suggested that all media be labeled.
  • Students are encouraged to save their files frequently to help prevent loss of work.
  • USB devices should be placed in the machine before accessing the chosen application package so that the computers can scan for viruses.
  • Please safely remove USB devices from the drives before leaving the Lab.
  • USB devices that are left behind and turned in may be found in the Lost & Found. Please ask lab stall for help in locating missing USB devices.

Printing in Labs

  • There is a print management system in place.
  • Printing is limited to college-related work.
  • Special paper (resume stock, transparencies, labels, envelopes, etc.) causes paper jams in the printers and therefore is not allowed.

Cellular Phones and Pagers

Cellular phones and pagers should be placed in quiet mode and used outside the lab.

Use of software documentation and/or instructor's material within the Computer Labs

Users needing to use documentation and/or material reserved by their instructors within the lab will need to leave adequate identification when they check out the material. The acceptable forms of identification are a Student ID or a driver’s license.

Help with Class Assignments

Staff and student employees are available in the labs to answer general questions and assist with software and hardware problems. It is the responsibility of the student to learn to use the software and know the information related to class assignments. 

Password Protection

Although the College employs various measures to protect the security of its computing resources and of its user accounts, users should also engage in "safe computing" practices. This might be done by protecting their passwords, changing passwords regularly, and logging out of their accounts before leaving the lab.

Student Responsibilities

  • Sexual harassment, downloading or displaying obscene material, copyright infringements, and the transmittal of viruses will not be tolerated in the lab.
  • Use only computer accounts you are authorized to use.
  • Respect the rights of others. Respect license agreements and copyrights.
  • Respect the integrity of computing equipment, systems, and data.
  • Observe the "No Food or Drink " rule.

Policy on the Responsible Use of Information Technology

Students using the lab must conduct themselves in a manner in keeping within the rules of conduct as described in Policy on the Responsible Use of Information Technology.


  • Children must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their appropriate behavior.
  • Children are not allowed to use any lab equipment.

Reporting Problems

Problems with hardware or software should be reported to the Staff Assistant or the lab manager immediately so that repairs can be expedited.

Any concerns addressing the Information Technology policy, procedures, or staff members in relation to the Academic Computer Labs should be sent via email to [email protected]

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