Honors Projects

The Community College of Rhode Island offers outstanding students the opportunity to partake in the Honors Program, which allows students to go beyond the traditional classroom setting and experience independent research as a preparation for further study and for personal satisfaction. It is with great pleasure to be able to share their final projects on this site. These students all have one common trait - a passion and thirst for knowledge!

Ms. Jamie Arnold - "Haute Couture" in France

Ms. Sandra B. Arnold - Public Education in France and the United States

Mr. Bryan Bowes (Bernard) - An Exploration of French Culture through the Four Temperaments

Camille - Getting to the point

Ms. Jennifer Dodge (Katja) - The Allure of the Rhine;  German Castle Legends of the Upper Middle Rhine ; Honors Paper II

Ms. Nicole Coleman-Rammer (Andrea) - The Role of Religion in Germany: Past and Present; Religion in Germany (Research Paper);

Ms. Nicole Coleman-Rammer (Andrea) - The Horrors of World War II and Genocide

Ms. Jessica Degiacomo and Ms. Sarah Harnedy - "Away in Paris"

Ms. Julie Felci - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ms. Laura Ferrick (Satine-Amélie) - S'il vous plaît, n'arrêtez pas la musique;

Mr. Benjamin M. Fosmoen - La Veuve: The Guillotine in French Culture ; La Veuve (research paper)

Ms. Lindsay Gordon (Anaïs) - Carcassonne ; La Cuisine Française

Ms. Heather L. Gendron (Claudine) - An In-Depth Exploration on the Life & Works of Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant (research paper)

Mr. Lexer Grande (Theo) - Strauss vs. Strauss; Strauss vs. Strauss research paper

Mr. Edward Kdonian (Dietrich) - Oktoberfest; Honors Paper

Ms. Emily Lewis (Renée) - La Rive Gauche; La Rive Gauche: Paris and the American Literary Identity (research paper)

Mr. Paul Larocque (Joseph) - Baroque Musi

Ms. Kristy L. Livesey Anaïs Nin - "Living Words"

Ms. Michelle Mercure - Life's Lessons from A Child's Perspective - An Exploration of Antoine de St. Exupéry and Le Petit Prince

Ms. Katherine Moone (Katja) - The Berlin Wall; Honors Paper

Mr. Steven Ortiz - American Influence on German Music

Mr. Michael Palmer (Theo) - The Architecture and Construction of Neuschwanstein; Abstract of Honors Paper; Honors Paper

Mr. Shawn A. Perry (Sebastian) - Martin Luther ; Karl Marx

Ms. Sue Perry (Céline) = The History of Ballet : Honors PaperThe Migration of African Americans to Paris ; Honors Paper

Ms. Christine M. Petrarca Rainer Maria Rilke

Mr. Travis D. Roberts - "All Quiet on the Western Front" (Im Westen Nichts Neues - Erich Remarque)

Ms. Meghan S. Rocheleau (Madeleine) - American vs. French Health Care System; Honors Paper

Ms. Abigail Ruppert - Surrealism

Ms. Sarah Sires (Rosa) - German Cuisine; The Gravity of Space

Ms. Nicole Smith - French Cuisine Honors Paper-French Cuisine

Mr. Celso Teixeira (Edouard) - Molière

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