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Chris L. Carruba

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I am a PhD candidate in Physics at the University of Rhode Island. My primary research is in experimental condensed matter physics, with a concentration in surface physics. I am interested in analyzing the electronic and chemical structure of surfaces and interfaces using multiple spectroscopic techniques.

Office Hours

Mon 1pm-330pm
Tues 12pm-1pm
Wed 9am-10am, 330pm-430pm
Thurs 12pm-1pm

Zoom....Fri-Sun by appointment. I'm flexible and always willing to help when I can :)


A.A. General Studies - Community College of Rhode Island - 2014
B.S. Physics - University of Rhode Island - 2016
M.S. Physics - University of Rhode Island - 2019

Selected Publications

M. Mokim, C. Carruba, F. Ganikhanov; Tracing molecular dephasing in biological tissue. Appl. Phys. Lett. 30 October 2017; 111 (18): 183701.

Presentations and Activities

APS March Meeting 2023 Las Vegas, Nevada (March 5-10)

Abstract: IPES and LEED Investigation of Ion-Bombardment induced Damage and Thermal Recovery of the Ni(110) Surface