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Steps you can take to help stay organized and make the most of your time. Remember to contact RIEOC if you need any help. RIEOC is HERE FOR YOU!!!

Organizing Yourself for the Semester

  1. Take advantage of the learning resources are your college. For example, at CCRI
    • RIEOC and Access to Opportunity offer free, confidential one-to-one services to support students with study skills, financial literacy and career counseling.
    • The Tutoring Center offers time management, study strategies and note taking workshops along with group and personal tutoring.
    • Writing Center will review and revise your papers, and other resources for many different kinds of writing projects.
    • Advising Center offer a wide range of services for enrolled students including academic advising, career counseling and personal counseling.
    • Library Services provide access to print and online books journals, assistance with researching topics and other resources.
  2. Become part of a study group. For students evening classes this may be a challenge, so find a study buddy. It’s a good way to share the information and not miss a thing.
  3. Let your support network know you are going to school.
  4. Ask questions or for clarification. You are probably not the only one in the room that has questions. Remember that your instructors are part of your support network. They can’t help you if they don’t know you needed it. Use Faculty Office Hours to ask for assistance.
  5. Find a mentor on campus, someone to talk to, be a sounding board or when you have an issue beyond the classroom. Many colleges have resources to help with social services specifically to assist students.
  6. Find the organization style that works best for you – an app, binders, note pads, whatever gets the job done and STICK TO IT.
  7. Learn your learning style(s). Do you learn best by reading, writing notes, or lectures? You may have more than one “best” way to learn.
  8. Simple things
    • Make sure your equipment is charged, pack a charger.
    • Have a snack. It’s better to have a snack to keep up your energy and attention for a late class.
    • When it comes to studying - figure out what time of day is best for you to study and take a quick break every 30-50 mins.

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