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An integral part of the Community College of Rhode Island since 1979

Since 1979, RIEOC has been an integral part of the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) assisting individuals with applying for financial aid (FAFSA) and completing college admissions applications. The EOC office also provides an array of other services: career counseling, GED and English as a Second Language classes referrals, assistance with foreign education evaluations, financial literacy and general educational information dissemination. The RIEOC office has as a goal providing support and motivation to students to assist them in meeting their academic potential.

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The RIEOC is part of the TRIO family under the Federal Department of Education branch. Two thirds of the people provided services by the program must be both low income and first generation; the other one-third does not need to meet any requirement to be eligible for services. The RIEOC is intended for adults that are nineteen years (19) of age or older but others are accepted through a recommendation from the selection committee. Other requirements include be a United States citizen or a permanent resident, or be in the U.S. for other than temporary reason. The participant must also express a desire to enroll in any type of post-secondary education.

The Community College OF Rhode Island has three TRIO programs (Access to Opportunity, Talent Search and the RIEOC). All of the programs are directed at assisting students in overcoming class, social, cultural and ethnic barriers to a post-secondary education.

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RI Educational Opportunity Center
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The RI Educational Opportunity Center is a TRIO Student Support Service program funded by the US Department of Education. Send comments and suggestions about this website to ndkatzman@ccri.edu.

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