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Fall 2022

Day Date Time Event Location CTE Knights Points
T 8/23 10:00-12:00 Workshop on Creating and Scaffolding Research Assignments - Register here KN 5579 and zoom 5
T 8/30   Assessment Workshop   7
      Discussion Group on "The Missing Course"   3
      Article Club - Readings about Social Emotional Learning   3 each
  10/3 - 11/22   Inclusive STEM Teaching Project FLC - Register for the EdX course here. To join the local learning community, email [email protected]. KN 5579 and zoom 10

What is an FLC?

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a group of 6-12 faculty members from various divisions and departments who work together to learn together, enhance their teaching and learning, and build a community (Cox, 2004).