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CTE Knights Certificates

Earn points for taking part in professional development activities and applying the content to your classes.

The CTE Knights Certificates recognize faculty participation in, and application of, a variety of professional development activities. To earn the CTE Knight: Gold Level Certificate, faculty must accumulate 70 points in an academic year and have presented in at least one. To earn the CTE Knight: Green Level Certificate, faculty must collect 35 points in an academic year. Certificates are awarded at Spring Symposium in May, and the Leaderboard will reset after that.

The certificates will recognize participation in a variety of teaching- and learning-related activities, application of sound pedagogical strategies to their classes, and demonstrate a commitment to promote student learning. They are designed to incentivize participation in CCRI events that enhance teaching and learning and promote community, collaboration, and respect among faculty.

Participating in a professional development opportunity outside of CCRI, such as reading a book or scholarly article on your own, attending a conference related to teaching or your field, or participating in a webinar on teaching practices, can still earn you points! Just fill out an Implementation Plan on what you learned and how you plan to use it in your classroom for 4 CTE Knights Points.

Questions and opportunities for partnership can be directed to [email protected].

Check the points Leaderboard here.*

How to Earn Points
Attend Points
Your first CTE Event 5
1 Hour Workshop by CTE or Partners 3 each
OneCCRI: Professional Development Day sessions 3 each
Idea Exchange 5 each
Winter Workshop 10
Spring Symposium 10
Do Points
Contribute to the CTE Resource Database 1 each
Bring a friend to their first CTE Event 1 each
Complete an Implementation Plan 4 each
Present at a Workshop/Idea Exchange 7 each
Complete participation in a Faculty Learning Community 10
Create an Instructional Fair Poster 10
Lead a Spring Symposium Breakout Session 10
Be Points
Teaching Excellence Award Winner 10
Teaching Excellence Grant Recipient 15

*Leaderboard will be updated once a week.
To make your name and point total invisible, please email [email protected].