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Prepare for Professional Certification Exams

Please see the chart below that lists the course(s) you must take in order to be able to take the listed professional certification(s). Please check course catalog for prerequisites that may required for courses listed below.

Course(s) for Preparation Course Title(s) Professional Certification(s)
CNVT-2400 Foundations of Cloud Computing AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
CNVT-2410 Cloud Architecture Security AWS Solutions Architect Associate
   CNVT-1000 Computer Repair A+ Hardware CompTIA A+ (Core 1)
CNVT-1010 Computer Repair A+ Software CompTIA A+ (Core 2)
COMI-1800 Computer Networking Software-Linux CompTIA LPIC and Linux+
COMI-2033 Computer Support: Network and Virtual Machine CompTIA N+
COMI-2037 Introduction to Cybersecurity CompTIA S+
and CNVT-1820
and CNVT-1830
and Networking 2
and Networking 3
CompTIA N+
CNVT-2200 Network Security Hardware CISCO CCNA Security
CNVT-2010 Advanced Routing CISCO CCNP ENARSI
 CNVT-2030  Core Networking CISCO CCNP ENCOR
CNVT-2300 Desktop Technician Consumer Microsoft MD-101
CNVT-2310  Desktop Technician-Business Microsoft MD-100